The 5 best nightclubs in Ibiza

In less than a rooster sings, we’ll have Ibiza’s disco season again, and the White Island will become, another year, the electronic music capital of the world (with Berlin’s permission). During the five long months encompassing this reign (last year I had the opportunity to attend the last closures as early as October and I was pleasantly surprised), partygoers of all kinds and conditions come from all over the planet will have the ordeal of choosing every night that party in which they will find that magic that only those who have lived through those liberating catharsis that occur in the clubs of the Pitiusa Mayor every afternoon or night know what I am talking about.

And of course, there we will find the Dj’s, those magicians in charge of guiding us on that path to nothingness and to the whole, route in which, as if, as if it were a mountain stage of the Tour de France, we will find: climbs, descents, flying goals Etc. Let everyone be as welcome as they can.

Leaving aside the cycling similes, it must be recognized that the line-up of the island in summer might seem as if every day a macrofestival (or several) of techno was held, but with the headliners spreading across different scenarios distributed throughout and wide of Ibizan geography. All events have their own personality, setting, type of music, etc., but what gives each party its brand of presentation is, every season, the club in which it is held.

Of the almost twenty nightclubs that populate the island, I will highlight the 5 that I think are the essentials in any visit (be careful that it catches)

5- Privilege

“The biggest dance floor in the world.” That’s the presentation slogan of this room of uncommunal dimensions. And he doesn’t lie. Indeed, the old KU is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest nightclub. The impression I took the first time I stepped on her was like I was in an indoor football stadium. He played Dj Tiesto (it’s rained already) in front of 10,000 clubbers that made the track burst. The most famous festival of this club is the mythical Supermartxé, which in 2018 has been celebrated on Thursday night. He has also picked up Carl Cox’s residence with his Resistance event, after the closure of Space. Other days it does not open the whole club as it is very difficult for other promoters to fill it.  It is located in the middle of the island, next to the highway that linkes Ibiza city with San Antonio, about 7 km. of the first, so you have to go by car, taxi, or Discobus.

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4- Pachá

It is one of the first nightclubs on the island (it was inaugurated in 1973) The immense international projection of its brand means that anyone who has not spent the last 20 years in a cave can recognize the cherries of its emblem. Inside it is perhaps the most beautiful, although it is not exactly the largest (its capacity is about 3000 people) Here you will see that the entrances never go down from the 50o, indicator that every day has a fairly powerful programming, of the best of the island. For my taste his best residence this year has been Cocoon’s, with Sven Vath at the helm (Wednesday night). For 2019 it will also feature Marco Carola’s famous Music ON. This room is located in Ibiza city (Avenida 8 de Agosto) and it is not complicated to get from the port. By the way, it’s the only nightclub that opens all year round, as the others close out of season

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3- DC10

Saying DC10 is synonymous with saying Circoloco. I have to say that the first time I traveled to the island 12 years ago and watched the videos that they put on the TV of the beach bars d’en Bossa, the ones that most powerfully caught our attention were those of that party. When I finally agreed to that asylum, I was caught up in the place. That Kafkaesque atmosphere, spiced up with the most underground minimal, coupled with the fact that the club is hitting the airport runway fence and looks like planes are going to stand on the same runway, make it one of those sites that can’t leave you r indifferent. In addition, it is one of those that has the least expensive prices of all the big nightclubs in Ibiza. The Celebérrimo Circoloco takes place on Monday afternoons. Mandatory to go by car (or taxi)

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2- Hi!

I admit I was very suspicious of this club. I have been (and am) a die-hard fan of Space, and when I learned that the mythical beach venue d’en Bossa was no longer going to open its doors by decision of the company that owns the land (the Matutes group, owner of half island and the hotel-disco Ushuaia that is right in front) pe pe I knew that it was going to become the epicentre of the Ibizan posture. In fact, the first references I heard from close friends were not flattering at all. But after attending the Afterlife party firsthand (Thursdays as Gently of Tale of Us), my opinion changed completely. That feeling of labyrinth when you move around the different rooms and, above all, the energy that the garito gives off and the 3500 souls that fit, made me remember those nights when fat Carl Cox was at the controls.

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1- Amnesia

The DISCOLATE with capital letters, which wins year after year the “Best Global Club” award that identifies you as the best in the world, has enough deserved it. Like Pachá, almost every day has one of the “top” parties on the island, so almost always about 5000 clubbers turn their two rooms upside down, on the one hand the old terrace (already covered several lustros and boasting the best sound equipment on the planet) and of the Main Room with its inimitable diagonal megatrons. For the last few years it has been Music ON, with Maro Carola (Fridays), its standard event. It is located in front of Privilege, on the other side of the highway that a San Antonio with Ibiza city

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Apart from this top 5, I have not mentioned many other clubs that are worth visiting on the island: Ibiza Rocks, Bora Bora, Ushuaia,.. , with each time a more interesting programming (especially the latter) For you which is the best? What about your favorite party?

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